In the beginning of 1960, Anastasios Mourikis at early age then , made his first steps as a layman, close to a professional beekeeper of great importance in that time , introducing him in the world of bee.

After two years of continual training in the art of apiculture and having acquired experience and awareness of job’s secrets, purchased his own apiaries and founded his own beekeeping production unit.

In 1978 his wife Fotini Mouriki got involved in apiculture too, contributing to the development of this family’s facility.

They have four children , the youngest of them, Panagiotis who was born in 1987, from a very early age grew up with this love in apiaries.

Influenced from stimulating role of nature and having already created images from it, he becomes familiar with this great and weird from scientific option “bee world”.

Furthermore he received his education in apiculture after he had finished school and had fulfilled his military service. Then he got the leadership of business which until then numbered hundred beehives. With industriousness, devotion and faultless technical brilliance our production unit consists of 2.500 apiaries.

The need of modernization of our unit as far concerned the level of equipment as well the best quality made us create a new extra contemporary private production unit, a packing plant in Stefani, Voiotia.

This attempt complies with all existing legislation requirements with the ultimate aim of the best quality of the final product. In this way clients proceed in having trust in the Mourikis family as they have been doing for 60 years constantly.

Three years ago, in 2017, Maria Mouriki who is Panagiotis’ sister, acquired the basic knowledge of beekeeping and became an energetic member in family owned business. She is responsible for the promotion of the products and contributes to the great advance of our product unit.

We wish Mourikis Family to always be one step ahead of the modern trends and the need of the time for innovative products.